Monday, October 22, 2018

Knowledge is ... Something. Umm. What is Knowledge Again?

Remember when you left that glowing five-star review of "The Comeback" on Amazon? I do. Remember how I immediately left a comment thanking you profusely for taking the time to leave your thoughts and feelings re: "The Comeback"? Yeah, neither do I. My sincerest apologies.

At the time I didn't know (somehow), that I could comment on reviews. Today, I left a grateful comment for every review on the page. Thanks again for the many kind words left on my Amazon page for "The Comeback" and, again, my apologies for the comment delay. BRAIN BOY LIVES!!!

Speaking of "The Comeback," if you haven't already, click the "Buy 'The Comeback'" link in the sidebar to the right (or the one below), and give yourself some cheap thrills this Shocktober. If you leave a review on Amazon, I promise to leave a nice comment (or answer any questions that you may have after reading my story).

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