Sunday, May 21, 2017

All The News That's Fit To Link

H/t to Jesse at

I just saw the news that Anne R. Dick has passed away. I've meant to read her book to get her side of their crazy marriage.

Also, just saw that the 2017 Nebula Award winners were announced. While I haven't read a single book on the list, I did just hear the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast's review of Yoon Ha Lee's  Ninefox Gambit and am considering adding it to the list of books that I wish I had time to read.

Arrival clearly deserved to take the award for Dramatic Presentation. I'm not sure how Doctor Strange (a.k.a. Tony Stark in a silly cape), was nominated yet The Expanse didn't make the cut.

Among other things I'm a bit behind because I've been working on putting my nearly completed science fiction novel, a nearly completed sequel to The Comeback, and collection of science fiction short stories together. Thank you and much praise to my crack team of Beta Readers for their feedback. Your efforts are most appreciated.



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