Sunday, June 11, 2017

June Gloom

We're well into June Gloom here in Southern California. You'd think I'd be spending the overcast parts of my free time writing. You would be mistaken. I went camping at the beach instead. I wasn't the only one. The campground was packed. I guess I'm not alone in thinking that you don't need clear skies to explore tide pools with someone you love.

Besides, my tan is doing just fine, thanks.

That's not to say that the ideas ever stop coming. I have the notes to prove it. There came ideas for existing projects and new projects too. In my head I came up with a different approach for a novel I'd laid down a while back to move on with other things.

I've had a bout of life before and after the trip, which has slowed my progress, but I'm happy with everything that I'd managed to get out and everything that's come to me since my break at the beach. I should have some more stories for Team Beta to read soon. A couple of the first batch are nearly ready for the proofing stage. As always, I appreciate the great feedback.

Well, I promised weekly updates here and I'm delivering. I do have something to rant about but decided to give it its own post.

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