Friday, April 28, 2017

Nagware Made Me Write This Post

Having been productive in a few aspects of my life lately has me wondering how other authors obsessively tweet and blog on a daily basis (I'm looking at you, @GreatDismal), and still get other writing done. Something has to go, doesn't it?

As I'm writing this there are lists of things waiting for my attention and I've already had a day full of still other things. Honestly, if it wasn't for nagware I wouldn't stick to my weekly-ish updates. This isn't my first blogging rodeo. I know. I know. Updates rule. Slackers drool. I get it, but the time I'm taking away from oh, let's say, writing the stories this thing is meant to promote could also be dedicated to a million, million other things which, most of the time, take priority anyway.

Oh, this under-valued thing we do and the little time we have to do it in.

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