Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Shakey Silvers came back from the dead. He brought his bucket list.

Doug Kennedy is a stand-up comic struggling with his career, with his girlfriend, with the bottle. Desperate for money, he takes a gig at a remote casino located in “the exact-middle-of-nowhere,” Nevada. Doug thought that his act dying on stage was the worst he’d have to fear in the desert. He was dead wrong.

Doug was in for a hell of a ride.

Filled with eccentric characters, twists, and turns, and horrific situations, The Comeback is a fast-paced descent into a nightmare that won’t let you sleep.

“A tense, seedy, terrifying, hilarious and fingernails-in-steering-wheel ride careening through the darkest corners of off-the-strip stand up comedy.” - Five Star Kindle Review

"... a suspenseful, supernatural thrill ride." - Five Star Kindle Review

"Twisted Fun!" -Five Star Kindle Review

"... gets its horror right." -Five Star Kindle Review

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